• Image of White Heart Pocket T-Shirt
  • Image of White Heart Pocket T-Shirt
  • Image of White Heart Pocket T-Shirt

Black print on regular slim fit white t-shirt, with a white button.
Clee Clothing Bamboo tag on back.

Sizes S M L XL
To Fit Chest 38 40 42-44 46

From the Rebirth Collection - TRUST

When you give more than you’re supposed to invest you just

Hope for the best and play it close to your chest. Cos

You can’t think of setting a card down when

That’s going to involve letting your guard down, it’s

Like exam times you’re immersed in the books but

Every result feels worse than it looks and

Really, you see the things most can’t see because

You criticise yourself so harshly. And

Even though for you that’s so hard to see, it’s just

Something you’ve got to let go of, partially.

Might make you slightly apprehensive but

Rather that than carry on mad defensive.
How much can you benefit from shutting people out?

Growth is a process there’s nothing weak about it because 

Something’s got to matter in life apart from the dough

From time to time your heart’s going to show, put it

Up on display, declare it loudly, don’t

Tuck it away, just wear it proudly.

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This design is unisex although they are in men's sizes

Tops can be cut into crop tops or vests on request, simply drop us an email once you have made your order!