All the designs are now limited edition. Those who manage to get hold of the last Clee Clothing pieces will be the carriers of it's legacy, and representatives of all that the brand stands for. 

There will only be 5 items available at any one point 


About Clee 

Clee Clothing – since ‘The Rebirth’ in February 2012 – reflects the honest and personal journey of its founder and designer – Cleo Forstater. The way a musician uses their music, the way an artist uses their art; this is her expression.

All the designs, either explicitly or inexplicitly, echo a feeling or thought that Cleo has held.

Originally brought to life in North West London back in 2009, the brand has gained some considerable recognition and endorsement.

Hosting numerous events and regularly running competitions, there is always something for everyone to get involved in.

Cleo’s values, energy and passion are embedded into the fabric of every garment, the soul of every event, and the heart of every conversation.


What is The Rebirth?

Cleo started Clee Clothing aged 16 with no solid plan but lots of ambition. Fast-forward 2 years; Cleo paused, and realised how unhappy she was with what her project had become. Her lack of business understanding had led to a lack of brand value, meaning and direction. What was Clee Clothing, and what did it want to be?

Months of self-reflection later, Cleo decided that despite her discontentment, she wasn’t ready to let go of all she had worked on. She decided to use all the negative feelings she had, to begin rebranding, to work on new designs and to build the foundations that had been missing.

Cleo relaunched Clee Clothing under “The Rebirth” because, as a phoenix is reborn out of the ashes of itself, so was Clee Clothing.

The first collection under ‘The Rebirth’ is broken into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Lost –

Where Cleo felt she was before The Rebirth took place. As George The Poet eloquently puts it:

None of us have a clue why we’re here. And

Some of us are too fly to care. Life is a

String of mistakes that find purpose, the confusing

Thing is what makes that time worthless. You’re

Selling a vision, wanting us to buy the dreams, but

What if the end doesn’t justify the means?

None of us have a clue why we’re here, unless you’ve got

Something you could prove which you’d like to share?

Otherwise we struggle with two types of fear: the

Fear of what could be and the fear of what will be

Dealing with thousands of sharks feeling around in the dark.

Missing that childhood freedom you found in the park, which

You would fight for at all costs: but the

Bottom line is that you’re lost.


Stage 2: Trust –

This is the stage that Cleo now feels she is in, getting to know herself and letting people in. George again:

When you give more than you’re supposed to invest you just

Hope for the best and play it close to your chest. Cos

You can’t think of setting a card down when

That’s going to involve letting your guard down, it’s

Like exam times you’re immersed in the books but

Every result feels worse than it looks and

Really, you see the things most can’t see because

You criticise yourself so harshly. And

Even though for you that’s so hard to see, it’s just

Something you’ve got to let go of, partially.

Might make you slightly apprehensive but

Rather that than carry on mad defensive.

How much can you benefit from shutting people out?

Growth is a process there’s nothing weak about it because

Something’s got to matter in life apart from the dough

From time to time your heart’s going to show, put it

Up on display, declare it loudly, don’t

Tuck it away, just wear it proudly.


Stage 3: Unrestricted –

This is where Cleo aims to be, going 100% with everything she does. Cue, George:

This life is a countdown, I could die tomorrow

After that I don’t get another life to borrow. So

I want to leave behind the peace of mind of

Knowing I pursued these dreams of mine as

Consolation when my mother cries in sorrow. You

Only live once that’s the motto.

Hopefully those close to me aren’t going to grieve, just

Celebrate the fact I wore my heart on my sleeve.

Really, if I fail no one will care.

So it’s down to me to let go of my fear.